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Training Videos

I have put together a library of betting on racing video training. A series of free videos to help you get started in developing a profitable betting strategy from backing, laying and trading on Betair.

Betting On Racing Video Training

I recommend that you start from the top, run through “The Basics Series” of videos and then work down the page through the backing, laying and trading videos to get a full overview of the approach to developing your strategy.

If you want any advice or for me to record any other videos that you may find useful, then feel free to email me on and I will be happy to produce some more.

Betting On Racing Video Training

The Basics Series

Below you will see a series of four videos which lead you through some of the basic principles of setting up to make money from your betting. In this betting on racing video training I cover setting up a betting bank, deciding how much to stake on your bets, the mindset of a betting pro and the principles behind developing your betting strategy. I recommend you watch all four of these before moving on.


Backing Horses To Win Or Place


I have recorded a series of videos looking at how to develop yourself a successful backing strategy and how to incorporate this into your overall betting strategy. I take a close look at all my  back selections from a pretty typical month of backing and clearly showed the expected ups and downs that you inevitably get in a backing strategy when betting on horse racing.

Here is video 1 in the series, in this video I run through the early part of the month (a few years old now but still a great insight into how I think about betting and backing horses) including St Leger week at Doncaster. I also share my methodology on betting and how my emphasis on backing of horses has changed over the years, to give me consistent profits week after week.

Laying Horses To Lose


Learn how to find weak favourites to lay on the turf flat, all-weather and over the jumps.

What kind of races to look at and how to decide whether to lay your selection or not. Another great strategy for adding  3 / 4 pts per day profit to your betting bank. Watch the video below:

The one constant has been in my successful laying of horses to lose races on the betting exchanges. In 2002 I developed my Handicap Lay System for laying horses on the All-Weather and the Flat through the season. I still use this system today in 2017 to make me a consistent 15 – 20 pts profit each month.  Although I could use this system through the winter for handicap jumps races, I continued to work hard and develop my National Hunt Lay System for the jumps and I know run both systems side by side, depending on the circumstances and conditions of a race.

Since setting up Racing Profits in 2009. I have reserved my two personal Lay Systems exclusively for my email Subscribers and offered my lay systems as part of their monthly subscription. However, I started to receive more and more requests from people who did not want to back horses but solely lay, and so I have decided to offer each of my lay systems for purchase individually.

You can now purchase either my Handicap Lay System for the flat or my National Hunt Lay System for the jumps by clicking the links.

Trading The Betfair Pre-Race Markets


I will share with you the secrets to one of the most consistent forms of betting there is and that is trading on the betting exchanges.

Learning to trade the pre-race markets on Betfair should become one of the cornerstones of your own betting strategy as it has to mine over the past 12 years. My goal is to make £250 – 300 per day from my trading, by identifying the safest markets to scalp and swing trade on a daily basis.

I have recorded some basic introductory videos to help you understand the world of the betting exchange and how, as a Betting Pro you can use them to your advantage by trading. Video 1 is below and you can watch Video 2, 3 and 4 by clicking the link underneath. Enjoy.

“Hi Richard, I would like to say thanks for a great week of racing tips, I made 23pts profit and my bank has increased by 20%, well done, I don’t know how you do it”

Steven Tucker


“Wow, great stuff Rich +26pts profit today – Very pleased! Thanks very much, keep up the good work. Making hay at just 10 quid a point. My little 2-pound-each-way double delivered as well. This will pay for my trip to Longchamp. Looking forward to more winners from you”

Hugh McGonigle


What can I say Richard, £1000 clear profit! which obviously equates to £500 + £500 over the past 2 weeks! Cant be bad!

John Smith