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Betting On Horse Racing Training Videos

Please find below a selection of Videos to help you on the road to success when betting on horse racing.  If there are any subjects which you feel have not been covered please fill in the contact form and give us your feedback.

Betting On Horse Racing

The Basics

Take your time to watch and absorb all the material in the “basics” series of videos, these are aimed to help you set up correctly as a Betting Pro and ensure that you build your betting bank and staking levels month by month until you are achieving your set goal and income.

Video 1 – The Mindset of the Betting Pro

Video 2 – Setting Up Your Betting Bank

Video 3 – Setting Your Correct Staking Levels

Video 4 – Planning Your Betting Strategy

Backing Horses To Win

I will teach you how to read form and make your own winning selections when betting on horse racing. My back selections still give me over 50% of my income month in and month out.

I have recorded a series of videos looking at how to develop yourself a successful backing strategy and how to incorporate this into your overall betting strategy. I take a close look at all my  back selections from September 2011, as it was a pretty typical month of backing and clearly showed the expected ups and downs that you inevitably get in a backing strategy when betting on horse racing.

Here is video 1 in the series, you can watch all 3 videos by clicking the link below this video. Enjoy

Watch All Three Videos Here:

Racing Profits Guide To Successful Backing Of Horses – Videos 1 – 3

N.B  If you would like me to send you my own personal back selections each day monday – friday – you can join the Email Selection Service and i will happily do so.

Laying Horses To Lose

Learn how to find weak favourites to lay. What kind of races to look at and how to decide wether to lay your selection or not.Another great strategy for adding  3 / 4 pts per day profit to your betting bank.

How To Decide If You Are Going To Lay A Lay Selection

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Don’t forget if you join the Racing Profits Selection Service – I share my own personal Handicap Lay System with you as part of my commitment to make you money.

Trading on Betfair & Betdaq Exchanges

I will share with you the secrets to one of the most consistent forms of betting there is – “trading” should become one of the cornerstones of your own betting strategy as it has to mine over the past 5 years.

Beginners Guide – Introduction to Trading

I have recorded some basic introductory videos to help you understand the world of the betting exchange and how, as a Betting Pro you can use them to your advantage by trading. Video 1 is below and you can watch Video 2 by clicking the link underneath, Enjoy.


Watch Video 2 – Price Movement and A Simple Betfair Trade

Watch Vide0 3 – Introduction To Betting Exchange Trading Software  

 Watch Video 4 – “Greening Up” With Software 

Peter Webb Trading Interview

I recently attended the excellent Trading Masterclass hosted by one of Europe’s leading Betting Exchange Traders and developer of the Bet Angel Trading Software – Peter Webb. I stayed with Peter for a couple of days and during that time we recorded a series of videos, in which I interviewed Peter about trading and life in general for someone who earns £385k per year trading on the betting exchanges and why he developed Bet Angel to help him make such a fantastic income solely from trading. You can watch the entire seires of 7 videos below:

Racing Profits – Peter Webb Interview – Videos 1 – 7

I will also be releasing my own Video Training series called Trading For Profits over the coming months, so keep visiting the blog.

Watch these training videos and put what you learn into practice when you are betting on horse racing.

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