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Trading Tips

You must add trading to your betting strategy. It can add £250 - £350 per day on to your profits by learning how to trade on the pre-race markets on Betfair.  

As part of your overall Betting Strategy you must learn how to trade on the pre-race markets on Betfair.

I have now been exchange trading since 2006, as part of my own betting strategy and I would say that trading is my most consistent form of profit day in and day out, adding between £250 - 350 every day. The fact is that once you can trade effectively it gives a solid foundation around which you can build your backing and laying strategies.

If you need any help with your trading or are interested in learning more then you can contact me on and I will be happy to help you.


VIDEO 1 - Introduction to the betting exchanges

VIDEO 2 - Price Movement & Simple Betfair Trade


VIDEO 4 - "greening up" using software


Here is an interview I carried out with Peter Webb, one of the UK & Europe’s leading traders. He is also the developer of Bet Angel Trading Software.

In the interview he shares with me, some of the secrets that have helped him to become as successful as he is and earn in excess of £385k per year from trading on Betfair and Betdaq betting exchanges. I recorded this interview the day after attending Peter’s Trading Masterclass in 2010. I had been trading for 4 years by then and he profoundly changed my whole approach to trading and what can be achieved. The first video is below and you can watch the remainder of the interview by clicking the link below the video. Enjoy.

In Video 2 Peter and I look at why trading is the safest form of betting and the principles behind trading.

You can watch all 7 videos I recorded with Peter here - Full Peter Webb Interview

Backing Horses To Win

Learn the secrets to reading form, tracking horses and profitable backing to win or place for horses in specific races. These can be the big profit bets each day, when they land, and give our betting bank the growth over time. As part of your backing strategy, you may also be interested in joining the Racing Profits Email Selection Service where I share my own bets.

Find Out About Backing

Laying Horses To Lose

The earliest reliable profits I made were from reading races and identifying weak favourites to lay on Betfair. I developed my two lay systems based around the type of races which were most profitable for laying on the flat turf, all-weather and in jumps racing across the year. By adopting a "fixed liability" staking approach to laying, you can be very profitable.

Find Out About Laying

Trading On Betfair

The most reliable profits that I make on a daily basis are from my trading on the pre-race markets on Betfair. Let me teach you how to trade effectively in the Betfair horse racing markets and you can make a reliable £250 - 350 per day, as many of my subscribers have found out. I share the secrets I have learned about trading since I started in 2006.

Learn More About Trading


Hi Richard, I would like to say thanks for a great week of racing tips, with your Ascot tips I made 23 points and my bank has increased by 20%, well done I don’t know how you do it!
Steven Tucker
Wow great stuff Rich +26pts profit today – Very pleased! Thanks very much, keep up the good work. Making hay at just 10 quid a point. My little 2-pound each-way double delivered as well. This will pay for my trip to Longchamp.Looking forward to more winners from you.
Hugh McGonigle
What can i say Richard, £1,000 clear profit ! which obviously equates to £500 + £500 over the past 2 weeks ! cant be bad ? if you were in the next village , i would buy you a drink ! wish i had found you years ago, and for the first time in my “INVESTING” career, i feel well in control, well done.. i believe over time this will work for me, and the many others you have as clients as well
John Smith


Ready to get started?

So are you ready to see what all the fuss is about? Then I’m sure you’re wondering how much access to the service is going to be. 

UPDATE: After 10 yrs running may Email Selection Service I have decided to pause it until further notice - mainly due to the time it takes to run and losing my mother and father in 2020 which forced me to take a break anyway.

My aim was to help as many people as possible and share my knowledge to help them make an income from their betting and unlike 99% of the people out there my income still comes from my own betting each day.

I recommend a 2 step approach to getting started:

1. Use my personal Lay Systems - Start with one or both of my lay systems to get profits flowing, they both have over 90% strike rate when followed - You can find out more about them here - Racing Profits Lay Systems

2. Learn to trade - Once you are making nice profits with the two lay systems, switch focus to learning to trade and add a further £250 - 300 per day - I am offering 50% discount on my 6 Weeks Trading Training at present here - Trading Training

By joining today you could be starting to build yourself a profitable betting strategy and finally make money from your betting.