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Horse Racing - Lay Systems

I have used horse racing lay systems to give consistent day to day profits since 2002. If you are looking for consistent profits then laying is something you have to add to your betting strategy. I hit well over 90% strike rate with both of these systems, so if you are looking for a system for the flat or the jumps, there is one for you here.

Get A 90%+ Strike Rate From Laying Horses To Lose

In 2002 I developed my Handicap Lay System for laying horses on the All-Weather and through the turf Flat season. I still use this system today to make me a consistent 15 – 20 pts profit each month and it maintains a 92% strike rate.

Although I could have used a variation of this system through the winter for handicap jumps races, I continued to work on developing a specific National Hunt Lay System for the jumps. Again the jumps system produces over 90% strike rate in the winter jumps season. I also use this system through the summer jumps season, on any qualifying races.

I run both systems side by side, depending on the circumstances and conditions of a race. I talk about this in the video below:

Since setting up Racing Profits in 2009. I have always reserved my two best horse racing Lay Systems exclusively for my subscribers, offering them as part of their monthly subscription.

However,  recently I started to receive more and more requests from people who did not want to back horses but solely lay, and so I have decided to offer each of my lay systems for purchase individually, as you can see below.

Handicap Lay System - Flat & All-Weather Racing

Laying Horses to lose In Flat Turf Racing

If you are looking for a lay system for the All-Weather through the winter and the turf flat from April through to October, then this is the lay system for you.

This is my original lay system, developed in 2003, and focuses on indentifying weak favourites in certain handicap flat races each day.

The system will usually give between 2 – 5 selections per day and has strict criteria for laying those selections. Over the years this system has given a solid 93% strike rate, when operated correctly.

I have recorded a series of 6 Videos to show you exactly how to work this system and give you examples of me working through the selection process.

National Hunt Lay System - Jumps Racing Lay System

My second horse racing lay system is exclusively for National Hunt Jumps racing. The system was developed to work across the traditional winter jumps season and the summer jumps season.

I developed this system from 2003 and perfected it by the end of 2004 through a number of tweaks. The filters I added and selections process is more complicated than the original Handicap Lay System, however it provides 3 – 6 selections per day and again has a strike rate of 92%.

Again I have recorded a series of 6 videos through which I demonstrate exactly how to make selections and then use the filters to decide which selections become actual lay bets.

National Hunt and Jumps Racing Lay System

RP Lay System Success

“I have been an avid user of your handicap lay system for a few months now, and I must say WOW!! I have a strike rate exactly as you promise of around 90%…I have increased my bank from a measly £100 to now well over £1000, and I continue to use your system to successfully increase my bank further. The videos you supplied on here were outstanding, totally idiot proof ( i mean even i understood them) and were a pleasure to watch and follow..keep up the good work and thanks again, for everything Rich”

Peter Hunnybun


“Wow, great stuff Rich +26pts profit today – Very pleased! Thanks very much, keep up the good work. Making hay at just 10 quid a point. My little 2-pound-each-way double delivered as well. This will pay for my trip to Longchamp. Looking forward to more winners from you”

Hugh McGonigle


What can I say Richard, £1000 clear profit! which obviously equates to £500 + £500 over the past 2 weeks! Cant be bad!

John Smith