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Why Exchange Trading Pre-Race on Betfair / Betdaq must be part of your overall betting strategy

As part of your overall Betting Strategy you must learn how to trade on the pre-race markets on Betfair and Betdaq.

I have now been exchange trading since 2006, as part of my own betting strategy and I would say that trading is my most consistent form of profit day in and day out. In fact once you can trade effectively it gives a solid foundation around which you can build your backing and laying strategies.

If you need any help with your trading or are interested in learning more then you can contact me on and I will be happy to help you.

Exchange Trading Videos

Introduction to the Betting Exchanges and the Principles of Trading

I recorded this series of videos as a beginners guide to trading. I know alot of people are very new to the concept and felt that I should start at the beginning before moving onto more advanced training videos involving software and strategy. These videso are aimed at people who want to understand all the basics. Enjoy.

Video 1 – Introduction to the Betting Exchanges

Video 2 – Price Movement and A Simple Betfair Trade

Video 3 – An Introduction to Trading Software

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Video 4 – “Greening Up” Using Software


Peter Webb Interview

Here is an interview I carried out with Peter Webb, one of the UK & Europe’s leading traders. He is also the developer of Bet Angel Trading Software. In the interview he shares with me, some of the secrets that have helped him to become as successful as he is and earn in excess of £385k per year from trading on Betfair and Betdaq betting exchanges. I recorded this interview the day after attending Peter’s Trading Masterclass, he profoundly changed my whole approach to trading and what can be achieved. The first video is below and you can watch the remainder of the interview by clicking the link below the video. Enjoy.


Watch The Complete Interview With Peter By Clicking Here

 Exchange Trading Tools

Here are some tools I use each day to help my trading efficiency and profitability.

Bet Angel Pro – Trading Software

I know there are plenty of different versions of trading software out in the market, some free and some paid. I have tried most of them over the years and always come back to Bet Angel, as Peter uses his software each and every day and really listens to what his users feedback to him. I have asked for a couple of modifications to help me and he is putting them into the next version – so I can not speak highly enough of the Bet Angel team.

You can get hold of a Free Trial Version here :

Bet Angel Trading Software – Free Trial

Bet Angel – VPS

Once you have used the Bet Angel Pro software for a few months and become familiar with it, I recommend you set up  Bet Angel VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Instead of loading the software onto your own desktop / laptop – you host it on it’s own server and log in to that server to use it. The benefits to this are obviously the speed that it works, as it is directly on the internet rather than running through your own internet connection it is super fast and reliable. It also reduces the data load on your internet connection and you can even run it over a “dongle” , ipad or iphone from anywhere – you do not need to be sat at your desk. It will change you forever.

You can get more details here:

Bet Angel VPS

Peter Webb’s Trading Masterclass

My other “must have” to succeed in trading has got to be this training by the best trader I know. Peter’s Trading Masterclass totally changed my view of trading and what can be achieved from Trading – he really does explain exactly how to set yourself up to make money from trading and how to make the most of every opportunity. Although it is not cheap – you will make the money you invest in this back over and over. My own trading effectiveness increased 100% by attending this training. You can register here:

Peter Webb’s Trading Masterclass

I will recommend some more tools over the coming months – but will only ever recommend things that i really feel will make a difference to your trading and tools that I use myself.

Again, if there is any help you need in developing yourself a trading strategy then please feel free to contact me on .

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