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Over my past 20 years betting for a living, the one constant has been in my successful laying of horses to lose races on the betting exchanges.

In 2002 I developed my Handicap Lay System for laying horses on the All-Weather and the Flat through the season. I still use this system today in 2017 to make me a consistent 15 – 20 pts profit each month. Although I could use this system through the winter for handicap jumps races, I continued to work hard and develop my National Hunt Lay System for the jumps and I know run both systems side by side, depending on the circumstances and conditions of a race.

Since setting up I have reserved my Lay Systems exclusively for my Email Subscribers and offered my lay systems as part of their monthly subscription. However, I am getting more and more requests from people who do not want to back horses but solely lay, and so I have decided to offer each of my lay systems for purchase individually.

The Racing Profits Handicap Lay System

If you are looking for a lay system for the All Weather through the winter and the flat from April through to October, then this is the lay system for you. It isdoncaster racecourse my original lay system and focuses on indentifying weak favourites in certain handicap races each day. The system will usually give between 2 – 5 selections per day and has strict criteria for laying those selections. Over the years this system has given a solid 93% strike rate, when operated correctly.

I have recorded a series of 6 Videos to show you exactly how to work this system and give you examples of me working through the selection process.

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The Racing Profits National Hunt Lay System

My 2nd Horse Racing Lay System is exclusively for National Hunt Jumps racing. The system has been developed to work through the national hunt lay systemtraditional winter jumps season and the summer jumps season.

I developed this system from 2003 and perfected it by the end of 2004 through a number of tweaks. The filters I added and selections process is more complicated than the original Handicap Lay System, however it provides 3 – 6 selections per day and again has a strike rate of 92%.

Again I have recorded a series of 6 Videos through which I demonstrate exactly how to make selections and then use the filters to decide which selections become actual lay bets.

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I hope you enjoy both systems and make plenty of nice profits with each of them. As always I recommend that you paper trade each system to ensure you understand exactly how it works before you use your hard earned cash.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me on

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