Planning Your Betting Strategy - How To Develop A Profitable Strategy

Planning Your Betting Strategy

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Planning Your Betting Strategy

The key to making consistent profits from your betting is in having a structured betting strategy which allows you to make profits while protecting your bank from any big hits.

Personally I developed a multiple protfolio approach based around:

  1. Backing selections to lose or place – I have a great strike rate with my selections and usually back 2 – 3 selections per day.
  2. Laying Weak Favourites through my Handicap Lay System and National Hunt Lay System. The systems will normally produce 5 – 6 lay opportunites per day, out of which I will usually lay 2 – 3 once I get to race time, as I filter my lays through a series of filters.
  3. Trading on the pre-race markets on Betfair / Bedaq. This part of my own betting strategy has become more and more important over the years and now produces me a consistent £250 – 300 per day – taking all the pressure of my back selections and allowing them to be the boost to my betting bank, as opposed to my income relying on them every day.

I recommend that you adopt this approach to your betting and develop a betting strategy along similar lines. The reason this is so affective is the fact that you can then use the combined strategies on different races throughout the day.

When I sit down in the morning to look through the race card, I can identify races which I will be looking for weak favourites to lay, I will have other races in which I have identified back selections are running and finally I will be able to decide exactly which races offer the best trading opportunities in the day. Most people I speak to use one approach of either backing or laying or trading, they do not combine their approaches into one betting strategy which compliments each other.

I spend alot of time with my Email Selection Service subscribers in planning out their betting strategy with them, this is the reason I share my back selections each day with them, I also share my lay systems and have now developed a 6 Week Trading Training course, so now they have all the tools that they need to make money from their betting.

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