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Have You Been Taking Advantage of Our Free Daily Lay Selections ??

Well if you have – you will have seen the following results for yourself !!!

Selections: 23 – Successful:21 – Unsuccessful:2 = STRIKE RATE OF 91.3% !!

In real terms that demonstrated an increase in the bank of 22.5% from 6 days.

A £200 starting bank would now stand at £245.

A £500 starting bank would now stand at £612.50.

A £1000 starting bank would now stand at £1225.

A £5000 bank would now stand at £6125.

And this is only one of the daily profit systems we teach at Racing Profits. We would expect our members to grow their banks by 5 – 10% per day when combining the selection systems we teach. Yes – you should be doubling your bank every 10 – 20 days !!!

New Membership Levels – Platinum , Gold and Silver

In an effort to taylor our services to clients needs we will be releasing three differant levels of membership from January 2010. Platinum , Gold and Silver Membership will offer you the chance to select the level of support you need from Racing Profits.

Platinum Membership will give the member complete access to all of our services including my own Lay Selections, Back Selections and Dutching Selections on a daily basis. Platinum Members will also have complete access to the Weekly Video Training Course immediately. We will be running Platinum member events and seminars throughout the year. If you are serious about making a full time income from your betting activities then this is your only real option.

More details on the Gold and Silver Membership will follow in the coming weeks.

Laying Systems

People always have many questions on how to impliment our Horse Laying Strategy – post up your questions here and we will answer them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any question you need answering – then post it here and we will get back to you as soon as possible. All the most common questions and answers will be put up on the Frequently Asked Questions Page of the site – so check there first before posting here.

Private Members Club

Please use this area of the site for any questions you may have regarding the Private Members Club and the benefits that membership can bring for you.

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