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The mindset that we adopt towards our betting will dictate the success that we will see and how profitable we will be from our betting strategy. I could give everyone the same skills, tools and even selections to bet on, but everyone would have different results, because of the mindset and approach they take to their betting. In this post I look at how to adopt the right mindset and why it can make such a huge difference to you.


The psychology of how you bet is one of the most important factors in whether you make money or not, it makes a huge difference to your success.

I know from personal experience that I could take a group of people, teach them all the same techniques and even provide them with the same selections and yet each one would come back with different results. I used to see it all the time with my back selection service, where I supplied 1 - 2 back bets per day, we would make profit nearly every month, I think over 10 years I had 5 losing months.

Yet the number of people who would say they were losing money, and when I dug deep into how they were staking they were either being too cautious or too aggressive with their stakes and many of them were going of and placing totally random bets with little or no research at all, to chase their losses.

Watch the video and take notes, adjust your betting style for how you are naturally comfortable, it is not one size fits all.

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