Racing Profits Interview With Bet Angel Peter Webb

Bet Angel - Peter Webb Interview

I took part in Peter Webb’s Trading Masterclass Training and stayed for a couple of days down in Hampshire with Peter, picking his brains about Trading, Betfair, Software development and everything in between.

I have been trading on Betfair since 2006, as part of my own betting strategy and I have to admit to thinking I was a pretty decent trader, even if a little erratic at times with the profits i make, like most people i was self taught with a bit of trial and error, picking up tips from videos I found online and generally speaking to people in forums.

But to spend  time with one of the UK’s top traders, someone who earned in excess of £380k last year from trading and someone who has been instrumental in the development of Betfair and his own Trading Software in Bet Angel, completely changed my perception of trading and opened my eyes to exactly what is possible if you learn to trade consistently.

Peter kindly agreed to giving an exclusive interview for Racing Profits and I broke this interview down into 7 Videos, to make it easier to watch.

Enjoy them all and then grab the Free Trial Offer of Bet Angel and get learning.

Bet Angel Interview - Video 1 - Introduction

In this Video Peter gives some background on himself and what brought him into trading in the first place

Bet Angel Interview - Video 2 - Introduction To Trading - Part 1

In this video Peter and myself discuss Trading in general and why it is generally considered to be the safest form of betting.

Bet Angel Interview - Video 3 - Introduction To Trading - Part 2

In Part 2 of the Introduction to Trading we continue to look at Trading as part of a rounded Betting Strategy.

Bet Angel Interview - Video 4 - Using Software To Trade

Peter explains the advantages you get by using software to trade, how it makes you far more effective and how he developed Bet Angel Pro in 2004 to help in his trading activity.

Bet Angel Interview - Video 5 - Top Tips To Improve Your Trading

I asked Peter to give me his top tips for people to improve their trading and become a more profitable trader.

Bet Angel Interview - Video 6 - Common Mistakes In Trading

We then discussed the common mistakes that Peter comes across when training people and teaching them to trade.

Bet Angel Interview - Video 7 - Tools Of The Trade

I finished by asking Peter to show me around his office and explain the hardware he runs to trade on, including his Quad screen display and Ipad. He also explained about the VPS (Virtual Private Server) and how that changes the speed with which “orders” can be placed into the market.

Racing Profits Trading Tips – Check out our Trading Tips page for new videos and advice on improving your trading and using the software to its full potential.

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