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Important Update for all Racing Profits Subscribers

Good Morning,

Firstly can I apologise for the lack of activity on Racing Profits over the past few months.

I bought a new property in September last year, a beautiful victorian 5 bedroom house, although the previous owner had not done any work on it forthe past 40 years, so all my time has been taken renovating it. We are now on the final stage of renovation and are looking to move in during March. Obviously the majority of my time has been devoted to that project and my own betting activity to maintain my income level during this time.

I have also changed what I plan to do with Racing Profits. I have been developing a series of training videos, teaching what I have learnt over the past 10 years building a substantial betting income. I was going to be offering this coaching and training course to my members and subscribers as a “premium” content package which as to retail at £49.95 per month, over a 3 month period.

I have decided to scrap this idea and will be adding my video training to Racing Profits for free !!

NEW – RP Selection Line

The feedback I have had from the majority of people is that while they are interested in learning how to become a betting professional they simply do not have the time to devote to learning all the techniques that they need to achieve this. Most people have simply asked if I can post my selections up on a daily basis and give them guidance on staking etc to ensure that they make a profit month after month.

I have therefore decided to start a Racing Profits Selections line. This will mean that each day I will do all the hard work in the morning for you. I usually spend around 4 hours researching the days racing, looking for good betting opportunities. These selections will by the exact ones that I myself build my betting strategy around. I will put up 2 / 3 selections to back as winners or each way bets and 3 / 4 “lay” bets on favourites which I feel are false or weak. I will then put these selections on the phone message for you all to access.

If you only want to place the “back” bets then you can hang up when I start giving out the “lay” bets. During the flat season I will also be adding the best “dutching” oppotunities for you to boost your profits even further.

Is there a cost ?

Yes there will be a charge for this service but I have kept it reasonable at £1.00 per min , and the value of the selections I make will far out way any cost element. I can ensure you that all messages will be kept to a minimum and focus on the selections and why I feel they offer such good value. I feel this is a fair compromise, especially with the amount of Free content and coaching I will be giving through the blog.

This will be Exclusive to you

 Finally, to protect the odds, I will be only making this service available to subscribers and visitors to the Racing Profits blog , it will not be advertised in the Racing Press.

When will this be launched ?

The Racing Profits Selections Line will be up and running by the 1st March 2010.

Results of Free Lays – November 2009

Well over the 12 days of Free Lays we gave out last month we achieved the following.

39 Selections – 36 successful lays – strike rate of 92.3% !!!

This translated in to a 47% increase in our Lay Bank in 12 Days !!!

And we must stress that this is only one part of the Racing Profits technique we teach.

Hope you are cashing in on the Free Daily Lays !!

After another perfect 4 out of 4 today – we are on a run of 18 successful Lay bets in a row – what a time for us to share just one of our selection processes with you. You will now see the power of combining dutching, trading and backing into the mix !! We have had a 9/1 back bet go in today at the 1.10pm at Lingfield in Dots Delight and the same at the 12.30pm at Ludlow yesterday with Abevilian – another 9/1 shot.

The bank is exploding !!!

Have You Been Taking Advantage of Our Free Daily Lay Selections ??

Well if you have – you will have seen the following results for yourself !!!

Selections: 23 – Successful:21 – Unsuccessful:2 = STRIKE RATE OF 91.3% !!

In real terms that demonstrated an increase in the bank of 22.5% from 6 days.

A £200 starting bank would now stand at £245.

A £500 starting bank would now stand at £612.50.

A £1000 starting bank would now stand at £1225.

A £5000 bank would now stand at £6125.

And this is only one of the daily profit systems we teach at Racing Profits. We would expect our members to grow their banks by 5 – 10% per day when combining the selection systems we teach. Yes – you should be doubling your bank every 10 – 20 days !!!

New Membership Levels – Platinum , Gold and Silver

In an effort to taylor our services to clients needs we will be releasing three differant levels of membership from January 2010. Platinum , Gold and Silver Membership will offer you the chance to select the level of support you need from Racing Profits.

Platinum Membership will give the member complete access to all of our services including my own Lay Selections, Back Selections and Dutching Selections on a daily basis. Platinum Members will also have complete access to the Weekly Video Training Course immediately. We will be running Platinum member events and seminars throughout the year. If you are serious about making a full time income from your betting activities then this is your only real option.

More details on the Gold and Silver Membership will follow in the coming weeks.

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