Racing Profits 6 Weeks Trading Training Course Learn To Trade On Betfair

Let Me Teach You How To Earn £150 – £200 Per Day Trading On Betfair – 6 Week Trading Training Course

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Over the past few years I have developed a series of videos to teach my Racing Profits subscribers how to make profit from their exchange trading in pre-race markets. I have also received requests from people to develop a beginner’s guide to the basic principles of trading, sharing all I have learned to ensure that they are profitable.

I have to agree that much of the training out there is far too complicated for people who are trying to learn to trade on the betting exchanges and this complexity prevents many people from understanding how to approach trading or fails to show them a clear route to developing a successful trading strategy.

The following video gives you an introduction to the training course and further down this page you will find an overview for each week of content in the 6 Week Trading Training.

Video Overview Of The 6 Weeks Trading Training

Are You New To Trading Or Struggling To Make Consistent Profits From Your Trading ?

I decided to spend the time developing a complete 6 Week Trading Training course on video aimed to help:

Complete Beginners – Learn To Trade On The Betting Exchanges The Right Way – Not “By Experience”

If you are new to exchange trading and want to avoid the expensive “learning by experience” route but study a structured course which will build your knowledge and skill set week by week. I will lead you, by the hand, through the basics of trading, setting up correctly, which are the best markets to trade, how to understand and read these markets and how to scalp or swing trade depending on market conditions, to making daily profits which will allow you to gain experience and make money while you do so – then this course is for you.


Anyone Struggling To Make Daily Profits From Their Trading – Learn Where You Are Going Wrong

If you have been trading for some time but have still not managed to make consistent daily profits of £100 or more then this course will show you where you have been going wrong. I have spoken to so many people in this position and once they have studied the course they realise exactly where they have been going wrong with their trading. These “lightbulb” moments that they have throughout the course are what makes it so worthwhile.

6 Week Trading Training Video Overview

I have had a lot of requests from people for an overview of the course, showing exactly what each week consists of and how the course builds up knowledge and skills over the 6 weeks. So I recorded a series of videos in which I run through each weeks content.

Week 1 

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

The training has been designed to take you by the hand and give you all the knowledge you need to trade on the betting exchanges and make profit each day. I have kept it very structured and built up slowly throughout the course, so as not to give anyone studying the course “information overload” – it shares with you many of the secrets I have learned since I started trading in 2006 and will give you the tools to become a professional trader, at what ever level you desire.

I reveal things in my training which I have not seen revealed anywhere else and tools which I use, which I do not know of any other trader using, to give me the edge.

I know that anyone who does this training will become a profitable trader, as the results have already shown with people making over £100 per day and in some cases over £200 per day after studying this course and putting into action what I share. Everyone will have different goals and different results but I am totally confident that if you follow what I teach you will have the foundations of a profitable trading strategy to build your trading career on.

When deciding on the price I looked at all the months of work I put in to the course and the information I share, plus the results we have been experiencing from people studying the course – above all I wanted to remove the excuse that you could not afford to do it.I look forward to working with you.

Please note that once you have purchased the training your passwords and links will be connected to your IP address for security reasons. If you are planning to log in to the training from another location please notify me of the other IP address and I will ensure there are no issues such as your passwords being locked.

I recommend that everyone who purchases the course go through all the content at least twice, if not more.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on

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