Summary of the week – February 15th – 19th 2010

Well back to a more regular week this week after the huge profit of 248 pts last week.

Monday 15th – A losing lay bet, even though it drifted, plus no winning back bets we made a loss of -9 pts

Tuesday 16th – We lost Folkestone to the weather. But had a back bet come in at 4/1 plus a Lay selection that shortened enough to warrant backing it – so a profit of +11pts

Weds 17th – A good day for our Lay selections with all 3 losing and making us a +4pt profit – however non of our back bets came in and that cost us -8pts in stakes. So a Loss on the day of -4pts

Thurs 18th – Another good day for the Lay bets with 6 out of 7 coming in and the 7th was a non-lay due to shortening. At good odds too so gave us a healthy 8 pts profit. Again the back bet struggled and we lost a further -4pts. So a profit on the day of +4pts

Friday 19th – A day where all the patience and discipline through the week paid us back. A whopping +19 pts profit. 2 out of 3 back bets Won and the other was 2nd. All 4 Lay bets lost – although 2 became non-lays due to shortening of odds.

So a total profit of +21 pts this week.

In summary this week was more of a typical week in horse racing, some near misses, some misfortune and some solid selections. It shows how you must plan your bank and staking levels so you are not worried about the individual results and look at the big picture of how your bank is steadily increasing week on week and month on month. This is what Racing Profits is all about Рwe will take the big weeks like last week but what we like to see is steady consistant growth.

The month of February 2010 is now at 306 pts profit. So even if you were only betting £5 per point you would have made a profit of £1530. Just imagine what size bank you could be starting March with !!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday for the last week of selections on here before we launch the Racing Profits Selection Line.


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Richard has been involved in horse racing for the majority of his life. Born in Yorkshire he was brought up around the Northern tracks and has been a Professional punter, form student and race analyst for the past 20 years. Richard's passion for racing and betting is infectious and his innovation in profitable racing systems around backing, laying, dutching and trading on horse racing will help anyone develop a profitable betting strategy. He is responsible for The Scout Tips in the Daily Express and generates the ratings for use in the Daily Star racing pages. He set up in 2009 as his personal horse racing blog and also the Managing Director of Racing Profits Guides Ltd running a network of 14 racecourse guide websites and 75 associated social media channels. He is based at the RPG offices at Lincoln University. You could not find a better mentor to help you make money from your betting on horse racing in the UK.

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