New You Tube Video – Racing Profits – Part 1 – Guide To Successful Backing Of Horses

Firstly I hope you took advantage of my free selection over the weekend. I put up Snow Fairy at Longchamp in the Arc yesterday, as a cracking each way bet at 14/1 and advised 2 pts each way to all my subscribers and everyone on my email list.

So I hope you got on – although she finished 3rd it was still a nice +5pts profit on the bet and a good start to October after a great finish to September and +52 pts profit for the month.

The changing face of backing !

Over the weekend I also decided to put together a mini series of videos on Backing and developing an effective backing strategy in the current environment.

As anyone who has been backing for a number of years knows, it is getting harder and harder to get an edge and make a profit from backing, with the bookies squeezing the margins more and more and the effect of Betfair and the other exchanges on the markets. Even hardened backers are realising that they need to look at other opportunities.

I have put together a series of 3 videos in which I run through September 2011 and my back selections. It was a pretty typical month for us and a month which clearly demonstrated the highs and lows of backing and why it takes so much self control, discipline and patience to make a backing strategy succeed.

I share how my own betting strategy has changed over the past 8 years and how I approach my backing today, compared to when I first went full time in 2003. I hope you find my views interesting and they give you some ideas on how to develop and refine your own strategy.

I hope you find it interesting – if so please “like” the video and leave a comment. I will be putting up Part 2 on Wednesday and then the final part on Friday.

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