Revealed The #1 Secret To Making Money From Your Betting On Horse Racing

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find good reliable information on horse racing and how to develop yourself a profitable betting strategy. And to make matters even worse even when you do find decent information or a system that is profitable, it only fits a very small percentage of the races run in the UK each day, so you make a small profit – only for it to be wiped out with your first loss.

After several failed attempts you end up blowing your betting bank, feeling jaded, lied to, and you feel like a failure because it is so much harder to make money from betting than what you’ve been told.

Until now the only ways to try and make money from betting on horse racing was to spend years learning to read form, attend expensive seminars, buy crap betting system after crap betting system or jump from one tipping service to another tipping service, hoping to find the silver bullet to betting riches.

The problem with these options is that it is nearly impossible to know who to listen to, what actually works or what to invest your money and time in to make a real difference.

That’s why back in 2010 I set up my blog – to share with others, the secrets I had learned over my years as a Betting Pro making my income from trading, laying and backing on UK horse racing.

At the core of my blog is my famous Racing Profits Email Selection Service and if you are serious about making money from your own betting I encourage you to take a good look at it.

horse race bettingHi, my name is Richard Mawer and I have been a Betting Pro for the past 12 years. Every year I make over £100,000 from betting on the UK horse racing markets. I don’t say this to brag but to clearly show that, despite what others may have you believe, it is not only possible to make a reliable income from betting, it is also a relatively straight forward process once you learn the correct way to develop your betting strategy and have the right information to act on.

I am proud to be one of the 1% who do this for a living and make it pay and I know I can teach YOU to do the same. It does not matter if you are an old hand looking to go from losing money month in month out or someone totally new to betting – I know I can show you how to succeed and become one of the elite who truly make “Racing Profits”.

I will share with you the secrets that will put you on the road to success. I only wish I had known what I know now when I started my career.

As a Subscriber to the Racing Profits Email Selection Service, I will give you my all, as long as you are prepared to do the same. Whether you’re trying to earn a small second income of £200 – 500 per month or are sick and tired of working your job and want a full time income of £5000 per month or more !! Joining the Email Selection Service gives you two missing pieces of the puzzle you need to start making profit from your betting.

Now what makes this service different to any other service out there, is that I personally take care of each of my Email Service subscribers and help them develop their own betting strategy around backing, laying and trading.

All you need to do is to join up and put what I teach you into action.

What do I get as an Email Selection Service Subscriber ?

Let’s take a look at exactly what you receive as a Racing Profits Email Subscriber:

  • Daily Back Bets – Every morning Monday – Friday I will email you my personal 1 or 2 selections to back, usually between 10am – 11am. You will also receive my back bets for the major meetings at weekends.
  • 2 x Lay Systems – In the Welcome email you will also be given access to the videos which will teach you exactly how to find weak favourites to lay each day, usually 2 – 3 lay bets on average. By understanding my two lay systems you will have a massive advantage on uncovering these and will have a strike rate of around 94% on your lay bets.
  • Trading On Betfair – The final piece of the puzzle is Trading on Betfair in the pre-race markets. I have developed an entire 6 Weeks Trading Training program to help my subscribers understand exactly how to do this. As an Email Service Subscriber you receive a 50% Discount on this training.
  • Personal Mentoring – Finally and most importantly you get access to my knowledge and guidance, to help you set up and develop your own betting strategy.

Over the past 4 years the response to the Racing Profits Email Selection Service has been remarkable. Here’s just a few of the comments I’ve received:

Rob Smith emailed : “What can i say Richard, £1,000 clear profit ! which obviously equates to £500 + £500 over the past 2 weeks ! cant be bad ? if you were in the next village , i would buy you a drink ! wish i had found you years ago, and for the first time in my “INVESTING” career, i feel well in control, well done.. i believe over time this will work for me, and the many others you have as clients as well”

Jon Painter wrote “Hi rich just taking time out to thank you for the backing and laying my betting has been brilliant overall,I’m going to purchase the trading course shortly”

Steven Tucker said “Hi Richard, I would like to say thanks for a great week of racing tips, with your Ascot tips I made 23 points and my bank has increased by 20%, well done I don’t know how you do it!”

Pete Hunnybun from Norwich said “I have been an avid user of your handicap lay system for a few months now, and I must say WOW!! I have a strike rate exactly as you promise of around 90%…I have increased my bank from a measly £100 to now well over £1000, and I continue to use your system to successfully increase my bank further. The videos you supplied on here were outstanding, totally idiot proof ( i mean even i understood them) and were a pleasure to watch and follow..keep up the good work and thanks again, for everything Rich”

John Jones from Birmingham wrote “I remember my first bet (about 50 years ago) when you had to walk past the pub and knock on the window and the ‘bookie’ would come out and take your sixpence wrapped up in the bet. Your system is the first I have come across in all that time that supplies a steady stream of cash into my Betfair Account. Many thanks.”

Hugh McGonigle emailed yesterday “Wow great stuff Rich +26pts profit today – Very pleased! Thanks very much, keep up the good work. Making hay at just 10 quid a point. My little 2-pound each-way double delivered as well. This will pay for my trip to Longchamp.Looking forward to more winners from you.”


How much does it cost ?

So are you ready to see what all the fuss is about? Then I’m sure you’re wondering how much access to the service is going to be.

And that’s a fair question when you consider that similar services can cost as much as £150 per month plus each of my Lay Systems retails at £19.95.

However my aim was to help as many people as possible and share my knowledge to help them make an income from their betting and unlike 99% of the people out there my income still comes from richandapmccoy3my own betting each day.

So as a thank you for your interest in Racing Profits I am willing to let you join the Email Selection Service for only £60 per month.

I need to make it perfectly clear that I limit this service to only 50 people per month and once those places are gone I close the door until the following month.

We currently have a couple of spots remaining. So if you want to grab one of those spots then click the button below:



Don’t you think, you’ve been struggling to make money from your betting for long enough. Then let me help you now.

By joining today you could be starting to build yourself a profitable betting strategy and finally make money from your betting.

In 2010 my back bets alone made +550pts profit for my subscribers, 2011 was +403pts profit, 2012 was +542pts 2013 was +438pts ,2014 was +366pts, 2015 was+427pts and 2016 was +303pts – so by joining for my back bets alone you can make a nice income over the year.

But imagine developing a betting strategy where you have two lay systems and trading bringing profits in every day too.

So click the subscribe button below and let’s get you started today.


I look forward to working with you,


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