Racing Profits is 2 Yrs Old :) – Big Thank You To All Of My Subscribers :)

Well it has been an eventful 2 years since I decided to set up Racing Profits but it has been great to meet and talk to so many people who are truly passionate about our sport. Yes, you always get the dreamers who hope you can offer them the “silver bullet” that will propel them to success and then after one month they disappear but you alos get those that really understand how you approach things, listen to the advice you give them and go on to be really suuccessful in their betting and those are the type of people it is great help.

I am now in the lucky position to have a subscribers list who are just like that, very dedicated to success – always asking me questions and discussing different approaches with me. I take my “mentoring” very seriously and spend 2 – 3 hours per day replying to emails and chatting to my subscribers. After replying to more email this morning I decided it was time to thank them all so I sent the following email along with today’s selection and I wanted to share it with you.


“Morning all,

Well a cracking little day on the back bets yesterday giving us around +10 pts profits. Firstly Crazy Bold at Warwick ran a good race, jumped well but did not seem to have the pace to stay with the front too, although he finished well ahead of the 4th horse. Definitely one for the notebook over further and if his mark is unchanged. The frustrating thing was I had Timeform radio on in the background and they tipped up the 20/1 winner Dormouse, but other than a bit of course form in a victory here in February he looked like a horse who liked soft / heavy conditions but flew homw like a sprinter J Next on to my main fancy of the day, Cubanita at Nottingham,  to build on her debut when finishing 2nd to Bonfire at Salisbury. She did just that and even though on paper it looked a large field and competetive, she was head and shoulders above most of them, Jim Crowley rode a lovely race, keeping her tucked in behind the leaders and then sending her for home a couple of furlongs out. She will improve still further of this and will be one to follow next year as a 3 yr old.

I promised everyone who was with me in October that it would settle down again, as it is always the same at the end of the flat season and start of the jumps, a little unpredictable and then settles down. Over the past week we have got back to somewhere near what I expect. We have had 13 selections, one non-runner, so 12 actual back bets, all each way. We have had 4 winners in Moidore, Grizzle, Tour Des Champs at 9/1 J and Cubanita – 5 placed efforts, 1 faller in Spanish Cruise when he was going really well and 2 unplaced, including the 25/1 May Contain Nuts at Kempton last Thursday, giving us just over 28 pts profit on the back bets. As I always say to you all, you have to have a long term attitude with backing. It is the nature of the game, you will have days and weeks where for whatever reason you just miss out on the big pay day but they always come. I have total confidence in what I do when making my back selections, they are well researched and I always have a very particular reason why I am making them, so I know over time I will make profit on them. This is why you must develop your other areas of laying and trading to mix in with your strategy – to take full advantage and boost your profits with other consistent profit streams. It is where the divide between “betting” and “gambling” lies. I am a realist with this and yes I love the big winners as much as anyone but I do not build my strategy around them.

I just want to thank you all, because I truly believe that now I have the best group of subscribers in the UK. I so enjoy discussing your ideas and helping you develop successful strategies, each of you has a slightly different approach which is natural but for the first time since I started doing this 2 years ago I really get the feeling that we have a group who truly understand what it takes to make this a living long term, not short term dreamers who quit after a couple of bad weeks and blame you for their failure. Unfotunately racing is full of people who want the easy answer or claim to offer the easy answer – well the answer is understanding what it takes and having the strength to see that through over years and not days or weeks. It is the one thing I don’t think you can ever teach people. Some people have it and some don’t or should I say some people are willing to change and some aren’t. A lot of people ask me why I limit my subscribers to only 30 when I could make far more money making it unlimited but my answer is simple. My money still comes from my betting – I don’t need to do this at all – the small subscription fees only just cover my time in answering emails for 2 – 3 hours per day and running the site. I do it because there is nothing better than seeing someone come through and make a real difference in their lives. I now that throwing it open to anyone would only mean I spend more time on dreamers who give it a month and then disappear – not what I want to do with my time J So that was just a thank you from me for making this a pleasure – in good times and bad.

Sorry, I just needed to say that after chatting to a few of you this morning I felt it needed saying to you all. Thank you. Now back to business:

On to today:”

 Obviously it is not correct for me to continue any further with today’s selection as my subscribers pay for that privelege.


I also want to take this opportunity to thank you, even if you have not yet subscribed, for your interest in Racing Profits and ensure you that the next 2 years is going to build on the success of the past 2 years and I have some very exciting ideas I am currently working on which will hopefully make a real difference to everyone out there.


This business is full of people “taking” from it and very few stop and thank people or put back into the business.

Thank you for your time reading this and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Have a great day,


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