Layers Paradise – Past 27 Selections – 26 Successful – 96% Strike Rate


I just wanted to thank all the layers out there for their emails of gratitude. We are on a┬áhot streak at the moment. Over the past 2 weeks we have had 30 Selections – 3 became non-lays as their odds shortened considerably – that left us 27 selections to bet – out of which we had 1 losing bet and 26 successful bets. A fantastic strike rate of 96%.

What this does demonstrate is the effect of the weather on jump racing – we have seen a dip in the consistancy of our Back selections but our Lay selections have gone through the roof. We are showing over 25 pts profit from our Lays in the past 2 weeks. Again the importance of this is that it covers the majority of our stakes on the back bets until we start hitting the winners again. I usually expect over 5 winners per week on my back bets but there are weeks like these where for whatever reason they just don’t go in.

As you have seen we do not go the route of backing short priced winners, we look for the true value in our selections and balance up the odds and chances of each selection. Month in and Month out this has proven to be the only way to achieve true success and profits.

Back to work on todays selections,


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