Horse Racing Books

Over the years I have read many horse racing books on betting, pro gamblers, trainers and jockeys. I decided to put together a reading list of books I recommend that you read if you are coming into the business. I have broken the books down into different categories, depending on what you are interested in either pro punters and gamblers,trainers or jockeys.

I recommend that you get as good an insight into the sport as you can and I have certainly found that by reading a broad cross sections of horse racing books it has helped all areas of my betting.

General Betting On Horse Racing Books

Ideal reads for anyone who is seriously coming into horse racing to make money and not as a “fun punter”. I have read all of these books over the past 20 years and while some may be getting a bit out of date they give a fantastic insight into successful betting and come highly recommended.

Bettors/ Gamblers / Punters Biographies

These books give you a superb insight into the mindset of the betting pro – the ups and downs of being a professional bettor, all of these are well worth a read if you are planning a career in the business.

Jockeys Autobiographies

A view into the lives of some of the UK’s leading jockeys from the jumps and the flat, will give you a real insight inot waht it takes to ride those winners.

Trainers Autobiographies

A look at some of the greatest jumps and flat trainers in the UK and what it takes to train a race horse.

I hope you enjoy these horse racing book recommendations as much as I have over the years and they add to your understanding of horse racing and betting.

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