I know you may have some questions about Racing Profits and the techniques we will teach you, so to make sure you know exactly what you are getting I have answered questions that people have asked me.

We welcome questions from our clients and visitors, please read through the following Q & A’s and if you do not feel they answer your query then feel free to contact us on support@racingprofits.net .


Q: I am new to Horse Racing and Betting, will having no previous experience hold me back ?

A: Absolutely not, indeed the people who have experience also tend to have bad habits to break before they start making real money from our training. Our 14 Week Video Training Course has been designed to take someone from a complete Novice and turn them into a Betting Professional.


Q: I am working 9 – 5 in a full time job, do I need to be sat in front of my computer all day to make money from this system ?

A: You are not alone. The majority of our clients started studying our techniques while still working full time. They found that, depending on their circumstances, they were able to leave their day job within 6 – 12 months. I will teach you how to set yourself income goals and then how to achieve them, giving yourself the option to leave your day job and focus full time on your Betting Income.

As for the techniques I teach, I will show you exactly how to set them up to run while you are at work. You can make profits from this and grow your bank no matter how much time you have to devote to it on a daily basis. As with everything in life, the more you put in, the more you get out.


Q: How quickly can I get started ?

A: The one thing we have focused on at Racing Profits is in teaching our clients the correct way to approach their Betting activity. We are not selling an ebook or system that is a stand alone product, over the 14 Weeks of our training course you will learn how to successfully create an income and build this income from Betting on UK Horse Racing, this combines a number of systems and techniques to guarantee profit day in and day out.

We do not offer a “get rich quick” scheme but  techniques which will grow your bank day by day and allow you to build a sizeable betting bank and income. We would expect our clients to double their bank every month.


Q: Do I need a large “Betting Bank” to use your techniques ?

A: No, in fact many of our clients start with betting banks as small as £100. I cover Betting Banks and Staking in detail in Week 2 of the Video Training Course. I recommend that you start with a bank you can comfortably afford and at no stage stretch yourself financially.

The simple rule I use throughout is that you “paper trade” each technique until you fully understand the selection processes involved. You need to have the mindset that protecting your bank is one of the disciplines that will be key to your long term success and wealth.


Q: Do I need any Specialised Software for your techniques to work ?

A: All of our techniques and systems have been designed with simplicity in mind. I provide you with simple spreadsheets to analyse your results and progress. If you can input figures into an Excel spreadsheet, you can operate all the techniques and systems I teach.

I do, however, review a few Software Applications which allow you to save time and increase your profit potential, these are applications I personally use and feel are invaluable when you want to step your income up to the next level. But they are by no means a requirement to making daily profits.


Q: How much can I realistically expect to make using the Racing Profits techniques ?

A: How much do you want to make ? Everyone has differant goals and aspirations, we have clients who make full time incomes of over £5000 per month, and only work Monday to Friday. We also have clients who want a 2nd income and are happy with an extra £50 per day. By building your betting bank and the power of compounding, you can double or triple your income. Best of all it is Tax Free !!

The majority of the feedback we get from clients actually shows that money is not the driving factor and once they have achieved a certain income, it is the fact that they now have time to spend with their friends and family and can organise their time as they want to, doing what they want to do, without worrying. The freedom that our techniques give our clients seems to be the greatest reward.


Q: I do not live in the United Kingdom , can I do this from anywhere in the world ?

A: No problem, as long as you have access to a computer and the internet, you can make money from our techniques anywhere in the world. We have clients who work our techniques from Europe, the USA and even the Middle East.


Q: I am not someone who likes to take risks or “gamble”, is this for me ?

A: I totally agree, I don’t like taking risks either. Again, we always advise our client’s to “paper trade” all our techniques until they are entirely happy with how they work and have seen the results for themselves.

Once you have studied our training you will understand that everything we do is based around calculated betting decisions which results in continual profits. Yes there is risk in everything you do in life but the investments we will teach you to make will show you a better return than almost any other financial vehicle we have seen. You will understand exactly why a “Betting Professional” is as far from a “gambler” as anyone can get.





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