A £12400 profit on the week – Summary of this weeks bets.

Well I hope everyone has enjoyed this weeks Free selections. As promised I posted all my personal selections for you to take advantage of and I will be doing the same for the next 2 Weeks until the end of February. I have done this for one reason and that is to show you exactly how profitable you can be from following my selections. When I release the Racing Profits Selection Line in March, this is the same information you will be getting.

I have had a number of emails asking me what my personal staking strategy is. Over the past 6 years I have built myself a betting bank from £200 starting point to £10000, which is what I maintain, a 200 pt betting bank. I withdraw any excess profits at the end of each week. I bet at a modest £50 per point, I earn a good living at this level and am more than happy. I have friends who maintain a 100 pt bank but I like the security of knowing that I can absorb any losing runs comfortably.

So onto this weeks performance.

Back Selections: 10

Won: 6 

Strike Rate  : 60%

Placed: 3

Lay Selections: 22

Non-Lays: 3

Losses: 2

Strike Rate: 89.48%

Well we made a 248 pt profit on the week, helped by a massive 218 pt profit on tuesday alone and a 24 pt profit yesterday, this includes a couple of losing lay bets. So for me that was a profit of £12400 for this week – which will ensure I nice valentines present for my partner Jackie.

The great thing about this week for everyone was the fact that it had examples of everything in it:

  • The effect of the weather – as in January we were hit by the weather forcing the abandonment of Carlisle on Wednesday and Taunton on thursday – these are events that are out of control and we can’t worry about them. NEVER go looking for bets if they are not selections that have been thoroughly researched.
  • Our selection running well but still being beaten – On thursday we had just that in our selection Stars Du Grantis – everything pointed to him coming into this race ready to win – a massive 4 pts to win was advised and he was pipped at the post by Sang Bleu and a determined Ruby Walsh – again you will hear me say this over and over in my videos – you will have losing runs, bets that go wrong and a whole host of unforeseen hiccups along the way – this is what betting on the horses brings with it – which is exactly why you need a good bank and sensible staking levels – you will have very profitable weeks but also weeks where nothing you try works. The key is that you ride these times out – into the next hot spot.
  • The importance of the Market in our Lay Selections – I tried to underline all week how important the market is as an indicator when laying horses – especially on the All Weather. If the money is coming for our selection then do not Lay it, we have had this situation 3 times this week and all 3 have gone on to win.

I hope you have all enjoyed the ride this week.

More to come next week.


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