26.02.10 – Results

I guess this week was just one of those weeks you get in racing – my first losing week for the past 6 weeks but on the back of some great weeks lately you have to expect these sort of weeks when betting on horses.

Firstly todays bets:

2:10 Warwick – Little George – as with Good Faloue yesterday he finished just out of the money in 4th – was held up by Choc Thornton and delivered near the end of the race when he was making ground but the race had gone by then, clearly the ground was a little too soft for him with all the rain. So no repeat of the 25 pt profit he made us in January. Both todays and yesterdays were good solid each way selections at great prices that just did not do it. On another week they would have both gone in – but over the years I have learned that these things happen and it is onwards and upwards.

Then the Lay selections – hopefully those of you who have been with me for the full 3 weeks will have read the market and certainly the 5 non-runners in the 3:05 changed the whole look of the race. Our selection, Not My Choice was backed in from 4.5 to 2.1 – making it at least a non-lay but it was well in my 25% reduction in odds to warrant a 2 pt back bet. I backed it at 3.0 and it stormed in to win. The main point was that you should not have layed it under any circumstances. So you came out even or with a 4 pt profit if you backed it.

5:10 Wolverhampton – Jessica Wigmo was the only non-runner – so you should not have bet on the race.

6:10 Wolverhampton – Steel City Boy – well another All weather shocker – after I was saying what a lottery the 5f and 6f races were I looked at his form and draw position and felt he was a good Lay bet. The odds supported our verdict with Steel City Boy drifting out from 5.9 to 11.0 on Betfair. Everything pointed to a solid lay – and yes he goes and wins the race – I must admit it was such a crazy result I laughed out loud when I watched the race – just shows how important a limited liability lay bet is, so a -5 point loss.

After such a great run on the Lay Bets it’s another All Weather drifter that ends the winning streak, in fact the last losing bet we had was also an All Weather drifter.

Such is life – we have had a great month in February, so I guess we were due a week like this.


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